Is Garland Favorito quietly becoming the most important man in America?

Given the fact that Dominion Voting Systems has now been caught lying to legislative bodies and violating election laws, it's been a huge wonder why this company still has been able to obtain humongous contracts, including recently with Ohio.  But an Obama appointed judge inadvertently made Garland Favorito possibly one the most important people in America, for that matter in American history.

On August 24th VoterGA sued the State of Georgia to permanently ban the Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 voting system.  Thanks to district judge Amy Totemberg admitting Dominion’s machines have vulnerabilities that effectively make the machines uncertifiable according to Georgia law and statutes.  Specifically she mentioned mentioned the statute requiring verifiable ballot-marking and said Dominion’s system “does none of those things.” In other words, the Dominion machines effectively de-Certify all votes on Dominion machines in Georgia, and likely all over the United States!

Dominion Voting Machines serves more than 40 percent of the U.S. population. Its products are used in 28 states including battleground States that all shut down in the middle of the night and all gained questionable vote surges that change the outcomes at their locations to favor Joe Biden.   

Sidney Powell revealed that she’s discovered that the Department of Defense patented an algorithm in 2006 that can predetermine the outcome of elections. The DoD then gave that patent to a University in New Jersey, which Sidney calls an “international think tank.” 

Dominion Voting Systems assigned all of their patents in 2019 to the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, and then there was an “infusion of over $400 million to State Street Capital which owns Dominion now.”  

  • LEAKED AUDIO: Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri Admits: “I DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH DOMINION” – And County Recorder Stephen Richer AGREED!
  • Texas rejected the Dominion voter software three times, over a year ago. All of their six experts said the software was unreliable — a "piece of junk.". Dominion is prone to "manipulation and fraud.". All six of their experts said they were "error-prone, did not "meet our standards ...
  • Matt Deperno's team discovered in Michigan Antrim County 68% error rate for Dominion voting machines.
  • Dominion has lied to legislative bodies that they are not connected to the internet but the Arizona audit has found that they are
  • Dominion has been caught deleting files illegally from the voting rolls
As stated before Garland Favorito could end up being one of the most remembered persons in all of American history. Once  Georgia deems Dominion voting machines
Uncertifiable, just like Texas did, the rest of the country might just "join the parade" Favorito believes politicians often do. 


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